Friday, April 10, 2009

The Story of Evolution

I've been taking new pictures. My friend Sefla is helping me get some photos ready to try to get into a show. I thought I had some good ones, but when she looked, she thought they should all be on black backgrounds. Ok, I'll retake them. I hadn't been shooting any photos on black backgrounds, and I kept getting too much light in them so the black wasn't black anymore. I'd finally get it dark enough to work, but I couldn't see what I was photographing, but they would come out! Go figure! So I've spent about 15 hours the last couple of days retaking and retaking. It's good for my evolution.
Check out Sefla's prints and watercolors at


Kirsty said...

They look fantastic! Well done!

Parallax said...

Good luck with the retakes! I think your friend is right, the black sets your pieces off really well.