Thursday, July 30, 2009


Well, I finally took some new pictures of things I've been working's one (see above). Took several hours to get to that point. On a roll now, but it's getting late, but I'll just work on onnnee moooreee..... I'm in PhotoShop, I'm cutting, I'm pastin, I'm workin on images, I'm almost done........and then.......PhotoShop decides to 'quit unexpectedly!' Augh! Guess I'll go to bed instead!


Jill said...

lol, I know that feeling very well.


They look gorgeous! And yep...I know that 'quit unexpectedly' frustration!!

Karen said...

Very pretty earrings! I hope your photo shop is up and working well again! I know that can be a pain!
Would love you to come take a look at my blog too!