Sunday, March 1, 2009

It can only get better

I'd like to start making my own etsy treasury- type of blog where I can create themes from what I like on etsy. It may have to start out a little rough until I get the hang of this, but I think that it might be fun.
I guess my first theme will have to be folded metal. One of my favorites. It always amazes me how you can take a hard cold seemingly unbendable piece of metal and act like it's paper. Pretty much anything you can do with paper, you can actually do with metal. The look works especially well with copper. It already has a warm earthy color, the bending and folding only makes it look more organic. As you will see in the following pieces:

Silver and Brass Rose Ring 
by MetalRiot

F-Series Copper Ram's Horn Earrings
by AgJewelryDesign

Folded Enamel Brooch
by Ggallery

fold formed copper disc necklace
by nemesisjewelry

Well, my first treasury will have to only have 4 pieces in it because it is 2:30am and I'm a little tired!!

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Tamra said...

Apologies that I hadn't gotten over here sooner to say thank you for including my earrings! Thank you!!!