Thursday, March 5, 2009

Some of My Favorite Etsy Fiber Arts

I've been enjoying searching through etsy and finding my favorites. Here are a few items in the fiber art category. The first one, New Beginnings, is done by a friend of mine here in Santa Cruz and has just listed her 1st item on etsy. It's not the 1st item she's ever made... she is quite prolific and actually a potter. Go to her shop and find out more about her journey from clay to fiber. I'm hoping we'll see some of her pots on her site too!

New Beginnings - Sacred Shawltar by Meg Brown at

I love the color and the loose weave of this bag. And the photo makes me feel like I'm on vacation!  
Small Fabric Bag by

And well this little lamb is just too cute to pass up! I grew up in Ohio, and this picture reminds me of the cold winters there, but the beautiful colors in the felted birds nest make the stark winter come to life.

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