Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where's Lucy?

So, I have these 2 cattle dogs, Lucy and Sparky. They are some of the funniest dogs I've seen.We had this round dog bed that I got at Costco. They eventually chewed a hole in it and everyday I'd come home and find stuffing all over the living room. It was sort of a winter wonderland. But the funny part was when Lucy would burrow inside of the bed and then poke her head out of the hole. Or when she was completely inside of the bed and she'd hear someone outside and would run to see  who it was, but was still inside the bed. The whole thing would just go tumbling around the living room. The following is a very blurry picture, but the only one I have of her in the bed. Can you find her? Eventually, I got tired of the winter wonderland and sewed the hole up.

Lucy not blurry.

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